Welcome to The Referability Index®!

This is the first systematic assessment of how well positioned you are to attract new clients by referral (and by other sources as well)!

The Referability Index® is the first tool to address the biggest problem with most other referral advice.

Advice on boosting referrals is almost all tactical – do this and you’ll get more.

Our research shows that being referable is not something you do, but who you are. It is a structure of characteristics and habits that helps clients remember who to recommend you to, when to do it, and what to say about you.

Our research shows that most advisors believe there is opportunity to attract many more referrals than they do now. Research indicates that they are right – clients report making referrals 7 times more often as advisors report receiving them! The Referability Index® can give you insight into why so many referrals are not turning into conversations with those prospective clients – and what you can do to connect with more of them.

Cost Effective

The Referability Index® is an inexpensive way to X-ray your business and discover what you can focus on to generate the biggest effect on referrals. The assessment is only $197, and gives you 12 months access to the system. Ongoing access enables you to make changes, update your responses, and get your new score. You can systematically improve your ability to attract referrals and clients.

Coming in 2018!

The Referability Index® will be available to advisors in the second quarter of 2018. Check here periodically for updates.

The tool will be available to advisors who partner with SEI before it becomes more widely available. If SEI manages money for some of your clients, contact your Relationship Manager to find out how you can have access to The Referability Index® before it becomes generally available!

The 120-question assessment covers 7 aspects of your business

  • Client Focus
  • Client Experience
  • Marketing
  • Selling
  • Team Development
  • Internal Processes
  • Marketing Processes

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